Unlock the Fascinating Truth on Why Do Cats Like String

Truth be told – a corner full of balls of strings is tantamount to heaven for your feline friends. If you have been an owner of a cat for quite some time now, you may have already noticed how easily they get bored. However, when you provide them a play place with balls of strings, they suddenly demonstrate a surge of energy.

Knowing what makes cat love strings can help you better understand your cat’s behavior. However, it is also equally important to do some research to verify whether this type of plaything is utterly safe for your beloved feline friend. Allow me to walk you through the facts about playing with strings and discover why do cats like string.


Top 5 Interesting Facts about Cats and Strings

#1. Playing with Strings Relieves Cats of Boredom


Just like people, cats depressed, bored, and lethargic. According to a certified cat behaviorist and the founder of the Cat Coach, Marilyn Krieger, sheds light on the fact that when cats are not provided with sufficient physical and mental stimulation, they naturally get bored.

There are generally six signs that let you know if your cat is being bored. The signs include being inactive. While they spend roughly 15 hours sleeping, being inactive longer than this is one clear sign that your cat is completely bored. Another sign to watch out for is fighting with the other pets in the home.

Overgrooming and overeating are also two of the signs that should be addressed immediately. When cats overeat, they tend to develop health problems. Another sign of boredom is when your cat is continuously showing disinterest in many other activities.

When these happens, it is a must to address the behavior immediately as this could potentially lead to feline depression, a more serious and long-term mental problem. The use of strings or any toys with strings to them offers a more stimulating environment. The chasing and pulling offer entertainment and fun for our feline friends who stay alone at home for most of the day.

#2. Play Time with Strings Releases Anxieties


Both stress and anxiety are harmful to animals, including cats. When cats are anxious, they tend to develop other behavioral problems which include aggression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, urine marking, and excessive grooming.

Anxiety in cats is developed when there is an anticipation of future problems or dangers from any imagined origin. When a cat is anxious, she displays behavior such as destruction, excessive vocalization, and elimination in the form of bowel movements or urination.

Another form of this problem is separation anxiety. When this happens, the cat exhibits excessive distress behaviors when left alone. To help your cat cope with anxiety and stress more effectively, provide her with toys that are interactive or anything that helps them stay more active.

Giving your cat with sufficient time to play with toys or even just a ball of yarn or string can help her release anxieties and de-stress. As for how the use of boxes provide comfort for cats, giving them a ball of yarn to play with helps ease any stress-related behavior. So, this means that giving them yard can give them the benefits of the play time it provides.

#3. Playing with Strings Help Kittens Develop Coordination


Playing provides kittens the help and exercise they need to boost their coordination and physical development. When kittens grow older, their interest in ‘playing’ changes. Once they reach 14 weeks, you would notice that they tend to play more with objects that allow them to grasp more, bite, scratch, pull, and follow.

Giving them the types of implements they need is essential for their continuous physical development. Note that as with humans, cats should also be encouraged to stay active. Aside from using balls of yarns, you could also use other items that are already in your house such as ping pong balls or an old box.

Playing with strings also enable cats to catch, grasp, and scratch them. These are good activities which help them exercise their paws and keep them in good shape. Following the ball of yarn when pulled also give them that extra physical exercise every day.

It is also essential to keep in mind that the simple activity such as playing with strings would help prevent the development of certain conditions such as the loss of muscle coordination called Ataxia. Cats who suffer from such conditions appear ‘wobbly’ and this can immensely affect their sense of motion. Therefore, see to it that your cat has the right type of toy to play with.

#4. Playing with Strings Enable Cats to Develop their Hunting Skills

Indoor cats are at a great disadvantage when it comes to honing their hunting skills. Since they have limited access to outdoor activities, their behavior tend to be more sluggish that the outdoor cats. Moreover, there are skills that are part of the natural behavior of cats that need to be observed and checked.

Cats, in general, are natural hunters, and being unable to demonstrate this behavior or develop the skills would lead to frustration. Therefore, it is your role as the owner to become extra creative and see to it that your cat is well-exercised and stimulated.

This is one of the reasons as to why cats enjoy playing with strings, a ball of yarns, or any rod that has a string or attached toy to it. These are among the items that simulate hunting and enables the cats to unleash their predatory instincts.

If you wish to further enhance your cat’s predatory or hunting skills, you may also want to try the clicker training. This is a reward-based approach that has been backed by Science. This is one way that can also further develop a stronger bond between you and your pet.

#5. Playing with Strings is Tantamount to Fun Time for Kittens

One of the reasons as to why cats just love playing around with balls of yarns or strings is that it gives them the fun time they need. Aside from playing with these, you may also offer other interactive games or allow your cat to enjoy some feel-good program which includes the use of scratching poles or cat loo.

Although it is fun for cats to make use of these strings, it is likewise equally important to take note of certain safety issues which involve the use of these items. One of the biggest concerns that owners have about letting the cats play with strings is the possible ingestion of the item.

When your cat accidentally swallows a part of the string, there is a risk of developing a linear foreign body when the end of the string gets lodged along her GI tract. When this happens, the intestines could possibly bunch up and the string could lead to peritonitis or when the abdominal cavity gets badly infected.

However, this should not stop your cat from enjoying one of her favorite toys. You can still allow her to have her fun time with strings as long as you are around to supervise here. When you are away or unavailable to keep a close eye on her, simply lock these toys securely. As they always say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Are You Ready to Give Your Cat More Play Time with Strings?

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