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Why is My Cat So Clingy? Here Are Weird Reasons that Will Surely Shock You

One thing that I truly love about cats is that they are naturally affectionate. They are cuddly and they love to stick around and follow wherever you go. However, there are times that they get extra clingy. While this does not appear alarming, it is inevitable to know the reason behind such behavior.

Truth be told – although I enjoy how my cat loves to stay close to me, I admit that it could sometimes be a bit too much to bear. This is especially when I need to work and get things done. As much as I try to extra patient sometimes, I honestly feel that I need to address such clinginess.

To finally shed light on my question – why is my cat so clingy?, I needed to do a bit of extra research on the natural behaviors of my feline friend. Let me share with you some of the odd and shocking reasons as to why your cat tends to get a bit too clingy sometimes.

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