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Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up? Here Are the Most Astonishing Reasons

If you are a night owl like me, then you know how important it is to sleep in late to get sufficient rest. However, I cannot seem to enjoy my rest with my little feline pal waking me up just about an hour or two after going to bed. While I love my cat very much, such behavior has become problematic for me as well.

There are several behavioral problems that cats may demonstrate. From scratching, unceasing purring to waking you up at the wee hours of the morning – these can all take a toll on you. Therefore, it was imperative for me to discover the answer to my nightly question – why does my cat wake me up?

Cats can be utterly adorable, but there is certain feline behavior that could easily wear you out. For instance, if your cat likes to play it rough or when your pet keeps you up all night, these are indications that you need to research on the causes to address this behavior effectively.

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