How to Get Poop Out of Carpet in Seven Easy Steps

Let’s face it – one of the biggest responsibilities of being a pet owner is learning how to get the poop out of the carpet or any fabric. While owning a dog or cat may be the most rewarding experience, it is also one of the most overwhelming experience you can have when it comes to their pooping needs. This becomes particularly difficult or tedious for first-time pet owners or for those who have yet to potty train their furry pals or feline friends.


Another reason as to why learning how to get the poop out of carpet becomes imperative is that your dogs or cats may experience diarrhea at some point when they are adjusting to a new food. Even for well-trained animals, accidents may still happen and you may find your pet feces in the most unsuspecting places.

Before the unpleasant smell of feces start to diffuse in the room or the stain becomes more difficult to eliminate, you need to learn how to get the poop out of the carpet immediately. We have put together a simple list of steps that would guarantee you to get your carpet fresh, clean, and free from animal feces in no time.

Prepare the Following Materials

Feces may come in different texture and you will need various materials to get rid of the solid, moist, or liquid animal poop. Upon seeing any feces, you may place a disposable plastic bowl to cover it and to confine the foul odor.

Remember this – the sooner you act on it, the easier it is for you to get rid of the poop, smell, and stain. You may then prepare the following materials and be ready to learn how to get the poop out of the carpet:

 Latex gloves

 Paper towels

 Garbage bag

 Scraper or fork

 1 Cup of white vinegar

 Baking Soda

 Sponge or clean cloth

 1 ½ cups of warm water

 3 tablespoons of Baking Soda

 Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a quick reminder – never use any ammonia-based products when trying to remove animal feces stains from your carpet. This particularly important to remember if you have a dog. Note that urine’s of has ammonia in it. Therefore, your furry pal may continue to poop or pee in the same spot if the smell of the ammonia continues to linger. It is highly recommended to use safe and natural products such as those mentioned above.

Easy Steps on How to Get Poop Out of Carpet

Step 01: Remove the solid poop by hand.

Remove-the-solid-poop-by hand


Get rid of the as much solid dog or cat poop as possible by gloved hands and paper towels. Be gentle in doing so as you may be pushing some of the feces deeper into your carpet. Dispose of the scooped poop or soiled paper towels in a garbage bag that has been pre-checked for holes. Let the carpet dry a bit.

Step 02: Prepare the Vinegar and water mixture.



In a bowl, mix the 1 cup of vinegar (white) and the 1 ½ cups of water. Let it sit for a few minutes. You will be using it after you have completed the next step. Note that vinegar is not only effective in cleaning but is also to be effective in killing different household pathogens due to its acetic acid content.

Step 03: Get rid of the tiny dried pieces of the feces


With the help of a tiny scraper or fork, start getting rid of the bits of pieces that have dried. Do this gently to avoid damaging the carpet fibers. Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner.

Step 04: Pour the vinegar solution over the stained area of the carpet.



Using a sponge or a clean piece of clothing, gently scrub the stained area after pouring the vinegar and water solution. You should be able to see the stain slowly disappearing. Once the stain has become less visible, start blotting the solution using paper towels. This is to eliminate the excessive liquid.

Step 05: Sprinkle some baking soda



Eliminating the stain is not sufficient as the foul odor may continue to linger. To resolve this, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the area. Let it sit for at least three hours. Baking soda has been found effective in eliminating pesky odors – be it on your carpet, fridge, or any part of your home.

Step 06: Remove the baking soda



Get rid of the baking soda by vacuuming the area once again. This would also help in eliminating remaining particles. To see if the area is still moist, you can dab it with a clean piece of clothing for final drying.Never use steam cleaners when trying to eliminate pet feces. The heat can permanently set the unwanted stain by making them stick to the protein of synthetic fibers of the carpet. A regular vacuum cleaner is your better option.

Step 07: Spray with disinfectant



To eliminate remaining bacteria or to ensure that the carpet is squeaky clean, give is a quick spray or two of your favorite disinfectant. Choose the scent you prefer.

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a tough job at first, but potty re-training your pets can help you avoid these instances. You can avoid future accidents by reiterating to your beloved pet where they should relieve themselves. Although it takes a colossal amount of patience to do so, you may find yourself having to worry less about cleaning your carpet.

You may likewise opt for carpet cleaning services if the damage seems too big or if you have a special type of carpet. Nevertheless, never be discouraged when you have to clean after your pet. After all, knowing how to get the poop out of carpet is one part of being a great pet owner.

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