Here’s How I Found the Best Cat Litter Mat – You’ll Thank Me For This

I must admit it – I love my cat so much, but stepping on her litter pebbles once in awhile sometimes get on my nerves. Not only do I need to make an extra effort picking them up, I also worry about the tiny scratches they leave on my hardwood floor. This is why I had to start hunting down for the best cat litter mat to save me and my sanity.

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How to Choose the Right Cat Litter Mat For You

Without an effective cat litter mat, you will have to deal with tracks and pebbles everywhere at home. Note that these dirty litter pellets can also pose danger to your health. If you are someone with a weak immune system, you need to consider purchasing one right away to avoid grave health problems.

Purchasing a mat for your kitty litter provides you with utmost convenience. It will keep your lovely home fresh, clean, and absolutely track-free. Moreover, these mats are now easy to purchase, use, and also highly cost-effective. So, to start searching, you need to consider the following factors:

Durability of Material

This is the most important factor you need to consider, as you would want a litter mat that could last for years. For instance, choosing a mat made from PVC material would be a good idea as the mat itself will not tear easily as compared to the materials.

Moreover, it would be helpful if you opt to go for a mat that is extra large and extra thick. This is to ensure that all pebbles are caught and not even a little amount of urine penetrated through the mat. There are mats with special design features that would also be helpful.

Choosing a multi-layered mat is also an option if you are after an item with extra-strength. The multiple layers can be helpful in blocking any moisture of liquid which could cause damage to your floor. Moreover, they also offer extra control for odor.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

You would not want to choose a mat that would simply give you some extra work by the end of the day. Water and moisture-resistant type of mats are ideal for busy pet owners. You should be able to simply rinse it off through running water, vacuum it, or shake it off to get rid of the unwanted dirt.

Aside from being easy to clean, your mat should also be able to absorb odor or control the diffusion of the foul smell from the feces and urine of the cat. Note that depending on the type of litters used, the cat’s urine could be absorbed well or otherwise.

Aesthetically Pleasing

For design-conscious owners, the pattern and color of the mat are a factor to take into account. Opt for a mat that allows you to protect your own flooring in style. You would want to find a mat that complements your own home decor.

Can Be Used in Various Type of Litter

These kitty litter mats are useful in catching those little pebbles and in preventing tracking. However, it is particularly practical to find one that can be used in different types of litters. In general, your choice of the mat should be ideal to use with biodegradable –type, clay-based, and silica-based types of little pebbles.

Biodegradable Litters


The biodegradable litters are made from the plant-based material (e.g. beet pulp, soybean, wheat, or pine) or recycled paper. Aside from being ecologically-friendly, this is one of also considered the safest type and would not do any harm if ingested by your feline friend.

If you are an eco-conscious cat owner like me, then this would be a good option since they do not end up being thrown away in the dumpsite. There’s no need to worry about adding trash. Moreover, you could also create your own litter through plain sawdust or by recycling old newspaper.

Clay-Based Litters


In addition, your mat should also be able to endure the extra weight that clay -based litters give when it has become soiled. This type of litters is considered the oldest type and is widely used due to its natural odor control feature that makes it helpful in keeping the room fresh-smelling even with cat litters.

The problem with this litter is that it has an absorption limit too. This clay can harden and create clumps. Therefore, the mat you choose should be able to withstand the wear-and-tear and other disadvantages brought about by these properties of the clay-based litters.

Silica-Based Litters

When selecting kitty litter mat, it should also work well with the crystallized silica-based litters. Since this litter may produce dust, them at should be easy to clean or vacuum. Choosing the mat should be highly dependent on how much time you have to clean the residues produced by the litters.

This particular brand prides itself on being laboratory tested and certified phthalates and toxins-free. As chemicals such as phthalates considered carcinogenic in nature, you would feel at ease even when you and your cat are exposed to this particular mat.

The mat is made from top quality extra thick PVC material which makes it highly resistant to liquid. This makes it easy to clean and you could protect your floor from any damage. It could be cleaned instantly by spraying down water with dish detergent or liquid soap.

The Good Side

  • I particularly like the Litter Lock feature Mesh design as it keeps the litter pebbles off the floor.
  • With the size of 35” x 23”, the litters are trapped inside the mesh well. Its extra large size adds extra protection for the floor as well.
  • If you have active kittens, this mat would work well with them as the non-slip backing keeps the entire mat in place.
  • The quick-release mesh lock is truly an advantage for me.
  • No need to exert extra effort to eliminate the litter trapped in between the groove of the mesh.
  • Can be used as a cat feeder or a door mat

The Bad Side

  • Urine could sometimes seep right through the mesh.
  • This could work better for pets that are trained to urinate within the litters.

The brand has obtained a 5-star rating from the Veterinary Association, this makes it a product recommended by animal takers and veterinarians. One unique feature it has is that TM9 technology which is designed to catch any excessive litter pebbles that get caught in your feline friend’s paws.

The Good Side

  • You would see how durable the main material of the mat is. The commercial-grade vinyl mat material prevents the cracking and tearing.
  • At the first touch, you would feel right away that this is softer than others. This makes it comfortable for young kitties’ paws.
  • It offers maximum coverage thanks to its extra large size.
  • The non-slip backing makes it sturdier.
  • The cute design is a big plus for pet owners who are particular with designs like me.
  • Smiling Paws also offer 100% Lifetime Warranty

The Bad Side

  • While this mat catches litters really well, it is not as efficient when it comes to urine as liquid tends to seep around the edges.
  • You couldn’t just shake it off to get rid of the litter pebbles. You need to scrub it down or vacuum it well.

This cat litter mat is designed specifically for maximum scatter control. It has a two-layer structure where the top layer can be lifted to ensure easy access for cleaning. Interestingly, this mat only weighs around 1.7 lbs even with a size of 30 inches x 23 inches.

The Good Side

  • The two-layered structure offers a 3-way access for convenient cleaning which makes it a great time saver.
  • You would find that this is a vacuum-friendly mat.
  • The non-toxic EVA material makes it an ideal and safe mat for your feline friends.
  • What I appreciate about it is that they honeycomb design lets the litter pebbles through the bottom of the mat.

The Bad Side

  • It is stiffer than most mats available on the market.
  • As this has a dual layer, it’s much thicker. If you are accustomed to placing the litter box partially, the whole box might get off-balanced.

This brand is one of the lightest among the available mats today. With a minimal weight of just one kilogram (2.2lbs), this mat is easy to clean and move around. A quick rinse or vacuuming is enough to keep the mat squeaky clean again.

The Good Side

  • This mat is equipped with a smart-grip anti-tracking feature that keeps all letters off the cat’s paws and reduces tracking.
  • It is made from non-toxic and soft rubber material which makes it comfortable for your cat to use.
  • The woven mesh is effective in keeping those litter clumps or pebbles off the paw of your pet cat.
  • The neutral gray color makes it a good color option that blends quite well in all types of floors.

The Bad Side

  • The mat has that distinct strong odor upon unboxing it and requires air-drying before using it.
  • You would see some scratch and signs of tearing even after just a couple of weeks of use.

Different from the usual cat litter mat designs, this CatGuru brand makes use of standing microfiber strands that work in two ways: one is that absorb any moisture or wetness that get trapped in the furry paws of your feline pals. Part of the profits from sales is donated to Wild Cats initiatives.

The Good Side

  • The 1”-long microfiber provides a mechanism that captures about a kilogram of litter and other dirt that gets caught in the paw.
  • It is compatible with all types of litters, including crystals.
  • You would see appreciate how waterproof it is.
  • The extra-strong non-slip backing keeps the mat in place all the time.

The Bad Side

  • If you use clay-based litter pellets, some may easily get stuck in between the fiber, requiring intense vacuuming to clean it up.
  • Drying it after bleaching or thorough washing takes time as compared to other rubber or PVC-made mats.

The Verdict

Cat litter mats now come in various sizes, designs, and even materials. However, it is also a top priority to know if the mat is completely safe to use since it is also utilized to get rid of litters that may have had a contact with cat feces and urine.

Health is paramount to both the cats and us, the owners. We get exposed to certain elements that could pose threats to our health in the long run. With this, I found the Pawkin Phthalate-Free mat the most efficient and safe.

Not only that it is certified free from Phthalates and other toxins, this particular brand also works well with all types of litters – be it biodegradable, silica, or clay-based. Also, the durability and the ease of use are two of the reasons this brand makes an ideal choice for cat owners.

Moreover, the quick-release mesh locks are one of the unique features that most mats today do not have. The design is something that you would instantly appreciate as well. Overall, this is the brand that even new pet owners would appreciate.

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