How To Choose the Best Cat Brush for Your Beloved Feline Friend

Regardless of the type of coats your feline pal has, know that daily grooming is imperative. Regular brushing can help you get rid of the tangles before they become annoying mats. Even with cats with a short coat, daily brushing is necessary as it has a lot of benefits.

Daily grooming can help you check for any possible parasite and abnormalities in the skin or ears. Moreover, frequent brushing also tends to strengthen the bond between you and your pet cat. With all these benefits and more, it is important to find the best cat brush available on the market.

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Know the Different Types of Brush and Combs for Different Kinds of Cat Coats

Before purchasing a cat brush, you need to know which type the best suit the length of a coat of your cat. For instance, mat breakers are ideal for cats with long hair. These pets tend to have mats, and brush with longer blades instead of teeth would immensely help get rid of them without damaging the coat.

Slicker Brushes


For cats with medium-length coats, slicker brushes are recommended. These are the grooming brush that comes with a slanted brush and fine teeth. This tool can help get rid of the loose hair, dirt, and dander. With regular use, it also helps in the prevention of matting.

If you are a first-time cat owner, this brush is also ideal as it is gentle on the skin of the cat especially if you have an aging cat. It also helps in spreading the fur’s natural oil which helps make the coat shiny and silky.

Mitt Brushes

Mitt brushes are ideal to be used on short-coated cats. These are vinyl gloves that come with a toothed side. Another advantage of using this type of brush is that it allows you to pet your cat while grooming it. Petting helps in desensitizing cats and modifying their behavior.

Shedding Blades


If you have different breeds of cats and find it too costly to purchase several types of cat brush, investing in a shredding blade can be a good start. These can remove dirt, dander, and dead hair of cats of all coat types.

Shredding blades can also be used for pets that are densely-furred. It can be used to keep the surface of the skin clean and to allow it to be properly aired. Using this tool helps prevent hairballs in furry feline breeds such as the Persian and the Himalayan cats.

Rubber Brushes

The rubber brush could also be a good option if your cat seems to hate the feel plastic or metal bristles. The rubber nubs stimulate and the massages the skin. It also helps get rid of those loose hairs of a shedding in a gentler manner. This would be a good type of brush for cats who are more on the sensitive side.

Dual-Sided Brushes


These can be used for both short-length or medium-length coast. On one side, this brush has fine tooth while soft bristle is on the other side. Using this type is practical especially if you have multiple types of cats at home.

The fine-toothed side is helpful in removing tangles and hairballs. In addition, the side with bristles can help keep the coat smooth and shiny. If finding the best cat brush becomes a challenge, a dual-sided type can be a good tool to invest in.

Flea Combs

Domesticated cats can suffer from parasites such as fleas. However, before spending a lot of money for medication, you may opt to get your feline pal a high-quality flea comb. A fine-toothed flea comb helps in eliminating the fleas, their dirt, and their eggs.

Getting rid of the fleas does not only keep your cat healthy but also protects you from these parasites. Note that cuddling becomes difficult if your cat becomes the shelter of blood-sucking fleas. You could easily get infected if you do not address the parasitic problem of your cat right away.

When utilizing a flea comb, you can swirl in hot soapy water after every stroke. This would help in capturing more fleas and preventing them from reinfesting your feline friend. Keep this tip in mind, but you may opt to see a veterinarian if the parasitic infection becomes severe.

Grooming Comb

As opposed to flea combs where the teeth are closely placed together, the grooming comb’s teeth are set farther apart. This allows the hair to pass through without difficulty. A grooming comb is an ideal tool if you have a cat with sensitive and frequently tangled hair.

Pin Brush

Another brush that could be used daily on medium-length and long coats is the pin brush. This particular tool can help in preventing matting, tangles, and knots. The pins are designed to brush through the hair with ease without causing hair breakage.

A Look at 5 Best Cat Brushes You Can Try

#1 Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

This pet brush is designed to eliminate shedding hair by as much as 90% within a few minutes. The brush is made of stainless steel bristle of about 4 inches in sizes. Furthermore, purchasing this product also gives you a protective cover.

The Good Side

  • What I appreciate about this tool is that it works for both cats and dogs.
  • It would only take out the shedding hair and does not cut the other healthy hair.
  • It does not harm the healthy sections of the coat.
  • The bristles are not too sharp and are gentle on the skin of your pets.
  • The brush itself comes with a protective cover.

The Bad Side

  • Since I am more accustomed to using pet brush with smaller-gapped bristle, I had a little difficulty getting myself comfortable with using this one at the beginning.
  • You might find shedding 70-90% of the hair within a short time ‘aggressive’

#2 Double Sided Flexible Slicker Brush By Hertzko

Designed and manufactured by Hertzko, a company specializing in pet care products, this double sided slicker brush with a flexible head is designed to get rid of tangles, loose hair, and prevent matting.

The Good Side

  • You could see how helpful the flexible head of this slicker brush is.
  • It eliminates the extra pressure on your pet’s skin when getting rid of the dander and tangles.
  • The flexible head does not pull the hair of your pet cat or dog.
  • You would notice that the bristles are tough but not too sharp. This makes it easy to be used on areas around the ears.
  • This brush is ideal for smaller pets

The Bad Side

  • I realized that It is ideal for thin-coated pets and not for densely coated ones.
  • The brushes are quite shorter, making it quite difficult to use on longer fur.
  • While it has a non-grip handle, the weight is too light and this could still make it slip out of your hands.

#3 Pet Portal Pro Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This slicker brush is designed to remove the tangles, dirt, and matting from the coats of your pets with minimal effort. This can be used on short-coated and long-coated dogs and cats. The self-cleaning feature is one of its unique selling points.

The Good Side

  • The self-cleaning mechanism of this tool adds convenience for users.
  • I particularly like how all the collected fur could be eliminated with a single push of a button.
  • Even if you would use it for pets that are heavy shedders or have really thick coats, your hands won’t get tired at all.

The Bad Side

  • If your pets are small in size, this could be difficult to use on them as this item is slightly bulky.
  • If you prefer grooming tools that are compact in size so you could easily carry it around, this particular brand may not be the one for you.
  • The tips of the bristles are quite sharp as compared to other slicker brush.
  • It would be tough to use this on pets with sensitive skin or thin coats.

#4 GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats

This double-sided cat and dog brush offer a 2-in- 1 solution for the grooming needs of your pets. The side with the pin brush can be used for combing and finishing, or simply removing the dirt and dander that stick to the coat of your cat and dog.

 The Good Side

  • You would notice that the pins have soft and rounded ends which are comfortable on the sensitive skin of your pet as this item does not scratch the skin’s surface.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to help you grasp it easily.
  • The handle is also made from non-toxic silicone gel. If you are sensitive to materials such as silicone, then you may opt to go for this one.
  • It is nice to know that GoPets also donate part of their profit to animal welfare and shelter groups and charities.

The Bad Side

  • I just noticed that the pins could start to fall out over time.
  • Unlike other brands which make it possible to re-attach the pins or parts of the bristle, it is a bit difficult to do remedy the detached pins of this brand.
  • I noticed is that the handle seems too light and may break easily.
  • When the handle breaks, part of the silicone gel could leak.

#5 Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Cat Brush

This tool comes with retractable stainless steel pins which allow ease-of-use and cleaning. This slicker cat brush helps in boosting the natural luster of the hair.

The Good Side

  • The fur rejection feature provides users with ease and convenience.
  • It helps get rid of the removed hair and dander in an instant.
  • The non-abrasive teeth offer a pleasant brushing experience for your cats.
  • This tool could help you keep up with your cat’s heavy shedding days.
  • You could also use this tool in eliminating those cat hair and dander stuck in your furniture.
  • This is cheaper than other leading brands

The Bad Side

  • This may work better on long or medium-length coated cats.
  • If you have pets with a short coat, the pins may not be of appropriate length and may cause a bit of pressure on your cat’s skin.
  • If you have sensitive cats, using a brush with longer pins would not make grooming time enjoyable.


After carefully comparing the above-mentioned brands, I can infer that the best cat brush you could consider is the GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs and Cats. In a nutshell, it is practical, durable, and economical.

In terms of practicality, having a dual sided pet brush beats the idea of purchasing multiple grooming tools for cats and dogs. In this sense, purchasing this item is economical in the long run.

While it does not have the self-cleaning mechanism, it has the versatility which is not found in other similar products. Furthermore, it has top-notch bristles and the tooth as well as the ergonomic design of the handle. These are certainly the top features you need to have a brush.

On the plus side, the manufacturer also gives back to the community by helping animal rescue institutions and charities. Such fact is extremely valuable and important for genuine pet lovers. Therefore, when searching for the best cat brush, you may want to consider GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush.

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