How to Choose the Best Automatic Litter Box For Your Lovely Cats

You can never underestimate the power and influence of technology, especially when it comes to caring for your feline friend. From the toys down to the litter box, you could find something automated that guarantees convenience and ease-of-use.

Allow me to share what I have personally experienced in finding the best automatic litter box. Although we could never find that perfect tool, I believe that the different models I have tried came pretty close. So, let’s start by checking how helpful and advantageous it is to invest in the right automatic litter box for you.

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The Five Biggest Advantages of Using An Automatic Litter Box

Technology: Say Goodbye to Your Box Scoop Again


These automatic litter boxes are equipped with sifting technology that effectively separates the clean litter from the clamped and soiled ones. This lets your cat enjoy a bed of well-cleaned litter every use and makes your cat protected from the dangers of dirty litter.

Using an automatic litter box also means that you do not have to do the scooping manually ever again. No need to exert that extra effort to sort the litters and avoid clean litter pebbles from being discarded.

Convenience: Cleaning Your Cat’s Litter Box Will Become a Breeze

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Whether you admit or not, cleaning the litter box is one of the chores that we all hate to do. The effort you make to separate the clean from the soiled one while trying not to breathe in the dust from the litter box can be one tedious task to do on a regular basis. Aside from that, it also takes a time to get as much as of the soiled litter from the box.

The challenge does not end there. Once you have scooped the dirty soil, you will have to place it in a garbage bag and throw it gently while trying your very best not to break the bag and spill chunks of dirty litter everywhere. In short, it takes a whole lot of effort to clean the litter box manually.

It is also a safer option since you need not worry about your other pets and kids getting exposed to soiled litter and cat waste again. As the soiled litter is cleaned promptly and the drawer stays out of reach of other pets, then your little kids will remain safe around this new equipment.

Economy: It Allows You to Save Money In The Long Run


When you have a traditional litter box, it is usual that it does not get scooped right away. Generally, you need way until the end of the day to scoop the solid litters. What happens is that the clumps of soiled litters get broken up to smaller pieces especially when you have multiple cats.

At the end of the day, you tend to leave some tiny chunks of soiled litter that cannot be scooped manually. When this happens, you can expect the litter to start to produce odd odor and may turn darker in color no matter what type of litter you are using. These are indications that you need to discard everything and use fresh litter pebbles.

On the other hand, this should not be a problem with automatic litter boxes. As the litters are separated well, there is little chance for you to unnecessarily throw out good or clean litter. In the end, you end up with more litters that are clean refraining you from purchasing them over and over again. In fact, you can simply change the litters in 2-3 weeks time.

Reliable: It Can Be Used Even When You Are Away For The Long Weekend


Another advantage of using the automated litter box is that it does not require much attention, unlike the non-automatic traditional litter boxes. As long as your cat has her basic needs such as food and water, you can leave her if you need to be away for more than a day or two.

This is also particularly helpful when you are hiring a pet sitter for the weekend. Your pet sitter can focus on looking after your pet and does not have to worry about emptying the litter box. To be quite honest, it is also difficult to find a sitter who would be willing to do this in the first place.

The waste drawer of these automatic box litters simply have to be emptied every 7-10 days if you have just one cat. On the other hand, if you have multiple feline friends, you need to empty the drawer just two times every week. This means that even if you are away for one full week, you need not worry about your litter smelling so bad.

Functional: One Automatic Litter Box Can Be Used By Multiple Cats

Dealing with multiple litter boxes is both time-consuming and utterly distressing especially if you are a busy person. With the help of an automatic litter box, you need not worry about cleaning and maintaining more than one litter box. It is great for multiple cats as it has a bigger entryway and the bed area is spacious enough even for bigger cats.

Even when used by multiple cats, you would notice that the foul odor of dirty litter does not spread easily with an automated litter box. The cleaning cycle and the sealed collection drawer make it difficult for the bad smell to diffuse. Therefore, there is no need to get stressed with the odd smell of soiled litter.

Durability is also of paramount importance when purchasing an automated litter box. You would want a litter box made from quality materials since this is considered a household appliance in the first place. In addition, since it can be used by multiple kittens, you would want something that could withstand the wear-and-tear of years-long use.

Five of the Best Automatic Litter Boxes You Can Try

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At first glance, you would instantly fall in love with The Litter-Robot III Open-Air. The overall features and design were derived from the 15 years of experience and technology developed by the manufacturer. Aside from the main globe and tray, there are no other special accessories required to make it work.

It works instantly once your cats exit the globe. A timer will then begin to count down which could allow the soiled litter to clump prior to the onset of the cleaning cycle. When you see the globe slowly rotating, the sifting begins and the clumped litters are separated then dropped into the drawer.

The Good Side

  • You would instantly know when to empty the drawer as it comes with a ‘full’ indicator in the form of a blinking light
  • The control panel lockout feature would prevent your kid or other pets from accidentally pressing the buttons and changing the settings
  • It does not produce any noise when sifting, so it would not scare or stress out your cats
  • It could cut down your litter use by as much as 75%

The Bad Side

  • While it comes with a technology that reduces the smell, you could still get disturbed by the odd smell if you fail to empty the drawer for more than 5 days
  • It is almost 3 to 4 times pricier than another self-cleaning litter box

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CatGenie has one of the unique features of the available self-cleaning or automatic cat litter boxes. It makes use of washable granules instead of the typical clay litter pebbles which enable owners to say money in the long run.

The system makes use of a cleaning cycle that requires rinsing the granules, flushing the waste, and drying the granules to be reused over and over again. The unit has to be hooked up in a cold water to help with the washing and rinsing.

The Good Side

  • You can integrate it into the laundry room or the toilet in order to flush the waste
  • The washable granules does not only let you save money but also satisfies the cat’s urge and need to dig
  • It comes with a SaniSolution that is used to sanitize the granules
  • You could program the cleaning schedule so you do not have to worry about manually cleaning and washing the granules

The Bad Side

  • The cleaning cycle takes too long which means your cat could not use it for a good 40 minutes
  • It requires a spot in your bathroom or laundry room as it needs to be hooked to a cold water
  • It could only accommodate up to 2 full-grown cats

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Both innovative and automatic, the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box does the scooping and cleaning for you. It works by placing a lid right on the disposable tray and disposing of this away. The timer enables you to set the cleaning cycles in three different options.

The Good Side

  • Each unit comes with safety sensors that instantly set the rake timer when it detects the re-entry of a cat
  • Setting it up was a piece of cake as there were complex accessories to install or add
  • You would appreciate the health counter that keeps you track of the frequency your cat makes use of the cat litter box
  • The motor is also quiet

The Bad Side

  • As this unit makes use of a more granular crystal litter, your cat may take some time to get used to it
  • It appears that the crystal litter is less absorbent than the sandy or clay litters
  • Although the unit is less costly than the other available similar automated litter box, you could end up spending more due to the disposable trays

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This Roll'n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box manufactured by Omega Paw works well with silica and clumping litters. It is equipped with a patented screen that separates the clean and loose litter from the dirty and clumped ones. You just have to roll the litter box up until the top portion touches the floor. Put it back in the upright position after.

The Good Side

  • Its self-cleaning mechanism helps screen the litter and controls the odor
  • Unboxing it was easy as the packaging was conveniently done
  • There is no need for any electric implement or to have it hooked to water source for cleaning
  • It also comes with one year warranty

The Bad Side

  • The built was not quite impressive as the filtering grate could easily get cracked
  • If you have a big-sized cat, this litter box may not be spacious enough for your pet
  • Some chunks of the soiled litters get stuck on the tray, so it is possible you may need to scoop them out manually

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The LittleMaid self-cleaning classic litter box comes with a rake that separates the waste from the clean litter to keep it clean. It is equipped with a carbon filter that effectively absorbs the smell and prevents it from spreading around the house.

The Good Side

  • The odor blocking mechanism brought about by the carbon filter is one of the most effective among the different cat litter boxes available.
  • The units are reasonably priced
  • It could work either as a battery-powered or plugged-in cat litter box.

The Bad Side

  • If you have multiple cats, you may want to consider others first as this one is ideal for the use of a single cat
  • As it comes several different components, the setup is quite complex

My Final Verdict

When it comes to choosing the best automatic litter box, I would go for the Litter-Robot III Open-Air - Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. If you have a few hundreds of bucks to spare, then it is best to invest in this particular model.

For starters, it has the technology that enables cleaning automatically. It does the job well and it would help you to do more important tasks like playing more with your cat. Secondly, it is engineered to last for many years and can be used for multiple cats.

I hope this post has been helpful to you and to your decision to purchase one litter box. If you have questions or comments, feel free to write them down below. Let’s help our other fellow cat lovers to choose the right products for their pets as well.

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