Hello, I am Debby Jackson and welcome to my site GodKitten.com . Yes, you can call me the ‘ultimate cat lady’ and I wouldn’t mind at all. You are probably wondering why I put up the site. Well, let me explain this in three words- I LOVE CATS.

Debby Jackson

" I am on a mission to provide relevant information on how to care for feline friends whether you have just started being a ‘cat parent’ or a seasoned one already. This site is built with the desire to provide actionable and sensible advice on topics relation to cat – HEALTH, PRODUCTS, BEHAVIOUR AND MORE! "

So, how did I end up writing my own blog?

Here’s the story: 

I am the only child and growing sans any sibling was just a bit sad for me. When I was 6, my mom and I encountered an abandoned kitty close to where we used to live. For some reason, there’s something about that cat’s meowing and purring that instantly made me fall in love. While my mom was a bit hesitant at first, she eventually let me keep Demi. (Yes, You guessed it ---I am such a big fan of Demi Moore).

Fast forward today, I have obtained a degree in Animal Behaviour and still very passionate about cats. I am hoping that my site will be a platform where I can share invaluable insights and information about cats.

Feel free to comment on every article. Let’s connect. Let’s cultivate this love for cats.